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9u Young (full time)

Each player only needs to attend one tryout; registration will be at the field.

  • Approximately 30 games
  • Winter training starting in January
  • 4 tournaments (1 out of town)
  • 1 fundraiser (details to follow)
  • $1,100 fee (does not cover travel)
  • Eligibility: must turn age 9 on/after 5/1/2023


10U Flowers (full time)

Player needs to only attend 1 tryout.

Registration will take place at the field.

  • Approximately 40 games
  • 6+ Tournaments (1 overnight)
  • $1200 season dues plus travel expenses.
  • Training 2-3x/week starting in January
  • Games begin late March and end mid-July
  • Off-season lessons encouraged but not required

Please email Coach Bill Flowers with questions.


11U-CORREA (full time)

  • Off-season workouts beginning in December.  3 to 4 days a week of high intensity training. (Muti sport athletes encouraged)
  • Required hitting/pitching lessons with professional instructors
  • Arm strengthening and conditioning program. (New to program)
  • 10-12 tournaments (2 out of town)

             60-75 games total

  • Fundraising 1-2 times per year
  • Cost is $1500 plus uniforms
  • Looking for elite players who can compete at the AAA/Major division
  • Private tryouts only
  • Contact Coach Tony Correa at tonycorrea@sbcglobal.net to setup a tryout. 


11U Blaze-Johnson (Full Time) 

2024 Season:

-minimum of 40 games

-minimum of 5 tournaments including 1 out of town tournament

-Games will be scheduled vs AA & AAA level.

-Indoor training starting in January.

-Speed, Agility and Core exercise training program will be implemented in practices.

-Games will start in early March and end at the beginning of July.

*Cost- $800 

-Private Tryout available upon request. Contact Coach Tom Johnson @    

Coach Johnson has coached at the high school level for 20 years and believes strongly in developing each player in all aspects of the game.  


11U Dangman (Full time)

  • Indoor Training Starting in January
  • Speed and Agility during offseason
  • Required hitting & pitching lessons with private instructor
  • Season starting at end of March or beginning of April
  • 10-12 tournaments (2-3 out of town)
  • In season practices and games weekly
  • Cost is $1500
  • Fundraising 2 times per year
  • Contact Coach Dangman @ kjd_0214@yahoo.com for more info.

12u BLAZE - Hussey (Full time)

  • 14-15 tournaments (2 out of town)
  • COOPERSTOWN DREAMS PARK FULLY PAID FOR ALL ROSTERED PLAYERS (parents responsible for their own lodging as kids fees are FREE)
  • Indoor Training Starting in December
  • Hitting instrutor at all hitting practices
  • Pitching instruction at all pitching practices.    
  • In season practices and games weekly
  • Cost in 2023 was $2500 budget TBD
  • Player only needs to attend 1 of the tryout dates.
  • Please fill out this form to tryout: https://www.cognitoforms.com/SeanHussey1/_12uMokenaBlazeHusseyTryoutRegistration
  • Contact Coach Sean Hussey @ 312-804-6327 for more info.


12U Hernandez (Full time)

-       Informal fall workouts begin in September

-       Indoor Winter Training Starting in November

-       Season starting at end of March

-       High level competition. Seriously committed baseball players and multi-sport athletes encouraged.

-       50+ games (10-11 tournaments: 2-3 out of town - Pigeon Forge, TN big trip)

-       In season practices with weekday exhibition games and weekend tournaments

-       Fundraising 2 times per year

-       Private tryouts available upon request (Anthony Hernandez - (978) 836-8667)

-       Cost is $2,500 (includes uniforms, bat bag, all tournament fees including Pigeon Forge, indoor training)



13U Blaze Mastey (Full time)

-Indoor training starting February (fielding, hitting, pitching)  

- Season starts April ending mid July  

- Practices continue throughout season  

- Approximately 50 games  

- 5-7 tournaments (1 out of town)  

- Outdoor mid-week practice in-season  

- estimated cost including uniforms is $1400 

Contact Coach Eric Mastey at   with any questions or more info.


16u Craig (Full Time)

Tryout Dates: 7/25 @ 5pm Hecht Park Field 1 

  • Extensive field time for practice and games
  • 7-8 tournaments (1-2 out of town) 
  • 40-50 games
  • Indoor position training starts in December
  • Professional Pitching and Fielding consultations included
  • Extended fall games and practices optional (depending on sports availability)
  • Anticipated cost $1,200 - $1,500 (Plus uniforms
  • Contact Matt Craig @mtcraig@sbcglobal.net for more info.




Please email blaze@mbsa.org for general Mokena Blaze questions